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Bonding Adhesives for the composites industry
The composites industry often relies on bonding capabilities that go beyond traditional adhesive methods. SUDEX provides a range of composite adhesives to tackle even the most demanding of adhesive requirements.

The strigent demands of the composites industry call for adhesives focused on bonding an assortment of technical substrates including:
Carbon Fibers: Used in a broad range of products due to their strength, rigidity and versatility. Due to demands on the carbon fibers, repairs are often necessary and selecting the right bonding solution is crucial.

Plastics: The bonding of plastics largely depends on what the plastics are used for. Other factors such as heat or flame resistence also need to be taken into consideration when selecting the best bonding method.

Metals: Whether joining metals to metals or to other materials such as wood or plastic, it can be challenging to determine the best adhesives. SUDEX supply a wide selection of adhesives for virtually any application.

Timbers: Whether bonding timbers to concrete for construction purposes or bonding timbers for other applications, SUDEX composites range guarantees a strong, long-lasting solution.

Concrete: SUDEX concrete bonding agents and adhesives promise a high-strength answer for bonding concrete to almost any other surface.
If you are unsure which method would work best for your application, get in touch and we will point you in the right direction.

Composites markets we serve include:
Structural Composites-Honeycomb panels-Rain screen panels-Renewable Energy-Speciality Transportation Panels-Structural Insulated Panels